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It's Time 2 Go Legit!

We have two cubicles for rent @ $300.00 each per month (month-to-month)!

We currently have two cubicles for rent in our Brentwood office.  We are a highly collaborative financial services group consisting of a tax accountant, and three brokers (real estate & loans).

Our suite is clean, nicely decorated, and modern. We provide a warm and welcoming environment to our clients.

This is a great opportunity for someone transitioning out of a home office or someone that has an existing client base which needs to be occasionally serviced face-to-face.  This is a great way to "go legit"!

Ideally, the best synergistic fit would be a business owner that is in the financial services industry, legal, insurance or other business where we can share referrals.  However, we are open to all.

8-Reasons to “Go Legit”:

  • You will make a better impression with clients
  • You will be more productive
  • Fewer interruptions
  • Reduced loneliness and alienation
  • Increased business growth opportunities
  • Increased professionalism
  • Better separation between work and home life
  • Better visibility

What is included?

  • Full and exclusive use of one cubicle and office chair.  The cube has plenty of locking files and storage.
  • Full use of a four-person conference table
  • Full use of the client waiting and reception area
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Full use of the restroom and break area space.
  • All utilities (electric, gas, and water)
  • Security alarm protection
  • Weekly office cleaning services
  • Water and basic snacks.

What you need to supply: 

  • Business insurance. (If needed, this is about $500 per year or $43 a month)
  • Your own business equipment, telephone, computer, printer, and supplies
  • First and deposit ($300 + $300 = $600)


We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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