It May Be Time To Move On!

Staying in a bad financial relationship can feel like a swift kick to the face!   I feel your pain, and I know exactly how you feel.  What are your options? SWITCH!

At AAR3 Tax & Accounting Services, I put my clients first.  I realized a long time ago that without my clients, I do not have a business.  What separates me from the competition gives me a simple advantage.

Here Are 10 Reasons to Make the SWITCH:

  1. I provide upfront pricing for most services.
  2. I provide value-flat-fee-pricing for reoccurring services which are budget friendly.
  3. I am open all 12 months of the year.
  4. I listen and take the time to understand your unique needs and concerns.
  5. I tailor deliverables to meet your information needs, and I meet agreed upon deadlines.
  6. You can always call, text, or email me with immediate questions and issues.
  7. I do not keep hard and stringent hours, and I am generally available to respond seven days a week between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM
  8. You deal directly with me and not my staff.
  9. For current tax clients, I do not charge for quick and reasonable questions during the year.
  10. Once you join the AAR3 Tax & Accounting Services family, you are part of my crew!

How should we begin this journey?  Call or Text me to schedule an appointment at (510) 593-8768.  I will guide you through the process, and get you quickly integrated into the AAR3 Family! 

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