Is Your W-2 In Bad Shape?

We always say to ourselves, “next year’s tax season will be different!”  Now that we have started a new year, there is a good chance your withholding elections made in 2016 are obsolete for 2017!  Getting your annual W-2 checkup is painless compared to going to that "J" store!

What is a W-2 checkup?  In plain English, I will estimate your tax burden for 2017.  I will do this by projecting your income against qualifying deductions to determine how much you may owe or receive as a refund.  Most importantly, we will look at the available options to potentially reduce your burden.

Everyone has a unique tax situation, and I will provide you with a customized list of documents after we discuss your case.

Typical documents needed:
•    Last paystub(s)
•    Basic spouse and dependent information
•    Recent mortgage and property tax statements
•    DMV fees paid
•    Basic donation info
•    Capital gains details
•    Estimated childcare costs
•    Estimated income and expenses for your business and/or rental properties
•    Your prior year 1040 if you are a new client
•    Etc.

Please contact me today so we can get the ball rolling!

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